• teacher: you can't bullshit this essay
  • me (under my breath): if you're an amateur

i’m trying to learn how to love what is good for me..but it seems like i’m having some trouble.

i just wish i could stop thinking and dreaming about this.

what happened happened and i can’t change it.

but it breaks my heart more and more every day…

Cigarettes look so harmless but then again so did you

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can this please be me
oh my god i’ve never felt like anything else related to me as much as this.

Anonymous said: Do you or did you breastfeed? Do you have any Opinions on it?

yes i did! with zoe i breastfed until she was about 5/6 months old. but it was hard for me to keep up with pumping once i went back to school. and as for jackson, i breastfed as long as i could but he was sick as a baby and we had to put him on a special formula that had medicine in it to help him keep things down. he was a very unhappy baby and threw up A LOT. for whatever reason he couldn’t be breastfed. the first sign that he was sick was the day he was born..first was when he was literally just born and they put him on my chest. he started turning blue and was having trouble breathing. and then when they brought him back to me after the doctor checked him out and he started choking and the nurse turned him over and smacked him on the back and a giant ball of yellow nastiness flew out of his mouth.

but he’s such a happy little guy now though! he’s my little prince and i’m so glad we were able to figure out how to help him (: <3

and as for my opinions on it..if you do it, then great..but if you can’t there’s no reason to feel ashamed or anything. i don’t think that mothers should judge one another based upon whether or not they breastfeed. everybody is different and what works for you, works for you. and you shouldn’t be made to feel bad.